Chankan Project: Inquiries by Supporters and others (English)

Intake form for general inquiries and inquiries by supporters via e-mail

The project provides support to those foreigners or young people who have lost/are likely to lose a place to live.

The project aims to support those who has difficulties in living, and therefore, may contact you to verify urgency.

In case of inquiries by supporters, please write down the background/progress of your support and the content of support you would like to seek.

After using the project support, we ask the supporters to continue provision of your support as well as accompanying support for the referral to the local support bodies etc.

Please fill in the intake form below. The name of your organization/body and contact person as well as contact information are required.

For general inquiries, please use the same intake form.
We contact you back as soon as we confirm your inquiries.
Please note that we may not be able to reply immediately.

■  Name of your organization/body (required)

■  Name of the contact person in your organization/body (required)

■  Telephone number of the contact person (required)

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■  e-mail address of the contact person (required)

■  Gender identity of the person you are referring (required)

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■  Address -of the person you are referring - Prefectures (required)

■  Address of the person you are referring - Municipality (optional)

■  Reasons why the person you are referring needs urgent assistance (please choose one)

■  Reasons why the person needs urgent assistance (please describe concrete reasons)

■  Other inquiries (Free description)


※We may not be able to respond immediately.